About Me

Freelance web developer by the day and food blogger by the night/weekend/any waking hour.

Hello foodies, my name is Navjyoti Upadhyaya… you can call me “Nav” 🙂 I am aspiring Indian food blogger who loves to cook (obviously) and seeks new experiences every where I go. Cooking is like therapy to me specially when I cook for large groups like my family or friends. It is soul satisfying to watch people enjoy my food and the appericiation that I get from them fills my heart with love & warmth.

I am from a punjabi family based in Haryana and married into a bhramin family from Varanasi. The amalgamation of two unique cusinies has enabled me to experience food recipes that are world apart. I am lucky to have taste buds that love rajma-chawal as much as they enjoy bati chokha. We moved to Canada in 2014 and since than I have been experimenting with baking beacuse of easy access to a good oven. Plus, no cooking maid meant me cooking most of the time and experimenting with different cusines. Italian & Mexican cusinies are so delicious and so easy to make if you are not making breads yourself 😛

Through this blog, I am going to share all my favorite recipes that are easy to make and taste amazing with occasional posts about my unique experiences. Sign up for the newsletter located at the footer of the website to get notification about all new posts/videos on the blog. I post unique content every week on all my social media account. Click below to follow me on my social media accounts.

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