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BalushahiBy Navjyoti UpadhyayaBalushahi is a flaky pastry with a soft center. This Indian sweet is very similar to the sugar dipped doughnuts… but it is more doughy and flaky as opposed to the light and fluffy texture of its western counterpart. It has a delightful crunch in the bite because of the flaky exterior but gets soft towards its center. Not only it's super easy to make but also requires only a few ingredients available always in your kitchen pantry!
Leftover Veggie QuesadillaBy Navjyoti UpadhyayaHave you ever wondered what to do with all the veggies that you seem to find in the "leftover" category in your fridge on those tedious clean out days? What should we do with one lonesome Zucchini, a green pepper and some mushrooms you found in your vegetable basket? Here is your solution, just make these delicious ready-in-minutes veggie leftover Quesadillas. Cook the veggies along with a can of beans and some spices and your favorite sauces. Stuff it in Tortillas, top up with Cheese and just roast on a pan. A super nutritious meal cannot be this easy!
Crème BrûléeBy Navjyoti UpadhyayaTo my delight, I have discovered that the Creme Brulee is the yummiest, easiest and quickest dessert that you can make at your convenience 1-2 days in advance. Make it for your dinner party in individual serving ramekins or for a homestyle dinner with family in the big dish. It will be a sure hit with its caramelized top and yellow pillowy custard beneath it. Behold, the best tasting dessert that takes only a few minutes and only 3 ingredients.
Masala ChaiBy Navjyoti UpadhyayaChai is my favorite beverage. I can drink this all day when its cold or when I am bored and want to sip on something that lifts my soul. Masala chai can be made by combining many Indian spices, here I am using cloves and Cardamom with fresh ginger. It is so refreshing and delicious that you will love it and make it often once you develop a taste. I have so many memories connected to this beverage... we have so many traditions in our family that are contacted with a hot tea in our hands!
Chocolate Truffles – HeartsBy Navjyoti UpadhyayaThis is a recipe for easy and quick DIY Valentine's day chocolate gift box. It is so fun to work with colored chocolates. I am so happy with the way the red and the pink meshed together. I filled these with 4 different types of delicious treats that my husband loves to eat. You can make it your own why choosing the color of your choice and of course the fillings that you love! This can be a mystery love box where your partner will guess the filling inside the delectable looking hearts...
Tomato Mozzarella Pesto SandwichBy Navjyoti UpadhyayaGourmet Tomato Basil Mozzarella grilled sandwich with pesto sauce & a spicy twist. Make this Sandwich under 30 minutes and enjoy it as a meal or just as an appetizer. This is my favorite sandwich that is just so delicious!! Gather a few ingredients and make this amazing recipe that you cannot make just once. Make it for a romantic brunch or when you have lots of family at your place. Make a big batch of this quick yummy sauce and just assemble the sandwiches when everyone is ready to eat. Using the oven to roast this sandwich makes it easy to make several sandwiches in one go. Broil them for 2-3 minutes depending on your oven settings to get the fire-roasted smoky flavor. Alternatively, just pan roast or make in a sandwich maker, nothing can stop the cheesy tomatoey flavor to come through. Tip: Don't skip the sundried Tomato oil, it adds so much to the taste
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